GPS Location tracking viewed on demand.
Text Messages sent and received.
Phone Calls incoming and outgoing.
Photos & Videos taken on the mobile device.
And Much More! Visit the Spy Features page to learn more.
Employee Mobile Phone Tracker
SlyFoxTracker is a cell phone tracking service which allows you to remotely monitor your business & employee cell phone's activity from your own home, office or mobile device. A simple download to your mobile device will allow you to monitor the GPS Location, Phone Calls, Text messages, and more. Know what your employees are doing on the job. Know what's happening when your not in the field or at the office. We've got your back.
 Increase productivity by up to 20%
Do you know where your salesman, technicians, or field employees are really doing on your dime? They may be taking a break, making unauthorized stops or slacking off on the job.  SlyFoxTracker will make sure they stay on task, allowing you to manage your business with ease and peace of mind knowing your business has maximized its productivity.
 Experienced in Phone GPS Tracking
Hundreds of business' buy expensive GPS tracking devices that can be attached to cars, employees, etc.  For a much more affordable price and a convenient setup, we know you will be happy with what SlyFoxTracker has to offer.  We are experienced in providing cell phone tracking technology that will allow you to know where your workers geographic location is, when they got there, and how long they've been there.
  Online Control Panel
View all of your target devices information in real time straight from our member command center.
  Stealth Technology
All activity monitoring is 100% undetectable guaranteed.  Never any alerts, icons, or messages.
  Instant Setup
Your account is setup instantly after payment. Downloadable content, no shipping required!
  BUG Room
Activate the target devices microphone.  Listen in on surrounding conversations and events.
  Browsing History
See all of the users internet browsing history.  See every website they visit.
  Facebook Activity
Monitor all facebook activity such as Facebook Messenger, posts, uploads, messages, etc.
  GPS Location
View exact GPS or GSM location of the target device.  Device location is viewed on demand via Google Maps.
  SMS Text Messages
See all incoming and outgoing SMS (text) messages.  Read what they say and who they say it to.
  Phone Call Logs
See all phone call logs such as calls made, calls received or calls missed.  See the phone number, date, and time.
  Phone Call Tap
Records all phone call conversations and uploads the conversation to your command center for listening.
  Photos & Videos
See all photos and videos taken on the mobile device.
View the entire contact book such as names and phone numbers, address, email etc.  including new entries.
   Mobile GPS Tracking
Worldwide Remote Tracking.
Instant Setup. 
Discreet & Confidential.
Unlimited phone numbers.
100% Undetectable.
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